The Moti Dungri Ganesh Temple in Jaipur


Had a lovely first-time visit to a gorgeous big old Ganesh temple here in Jaipur, on behalf of an acquaintance in California who asked me to propitiate on her behalf; here’s (a modified version of) what I wrote to her describing the moment.


First of all, thank you for reaching out and asking me to put in a good word for you over here in India. Tonight I had a chance to visit a beautiful, big ol’ Ganesh shrine here in Jaipur that I’d never been to before: the Moti Dungri near the huge new-ish white marble Lakshmi-Narayan temple I’ve driven by dozens of times in recent years, never realizing this sweet old Ganesh was chilling in the shadows around the corner, underneath a massive old turreted set of ruins on the ridge above.

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On the train from Govardhan to Jaipur

My first Indian train lila in quite some today. Amazingly, Govardhan has a daily train to Jaipur, which so far is a bit slow but fairly uneventful, in contrast to my recollections of previous train experiences here. The rest of the satsang gang is joining me by car later for an evening at Jaipur’s Diggi Palace, then they are off to Nathdwara, while I will head in 2 days over to Delhi for my last bit of program before back to Boston.

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