Fresh Snow

Some days of genuine winter around here, I tell you. A recent New England classic: inches of gorgeous powdery wonderfulness at midnight, by dawn a dense wet slushy concretion of doom. Even getting a narrow path shoveled before one of my few remaining morning baths for some time was like digging a trench through cold taffy while getting battered by howling horizontal waves of icy pellets–some serious morning cheer. and still the rain falls, every foot now falling into either 6 inches of snow or slush or pools of gathered water–no dry land or branch within sight.

My official invitation to Afghanistan


Awesome!  I just received this official invitation from the Turquoise Mountain Foundation

to come and stay with them in Kabul Afghanistan. My good friend Jenny Hartley from upcountry Maine has been over in Pakistan and recently Kabul at several points in the last couple years (in between rounds of medical school) lending her considerable energy and skills to serve to the people of that corner of the globe. (And also offering her delectable cookie-baking skills, no doubt!) TMF is where her current life is, staying, as she describes it, in “a 14th century fort with wi-fi” that is apparently the envy of the international/NGO community in Kabul–one of the sweetest cribs in town, I guess. More on her work there later. (I didn’t know they had wifi back in the 14th century…) Continue reading