Home Sweet Home!

At long last, Springtime is here… Where I live here in the northern hemisphere, the darkness has drawn us inward into the dark depths of the Self, and now the promise of the looming thaw stirs within and reminds us of the blessing that is the return of the light-giving warmth of Spring. I’ve been pondering my own ongoing excavations of my internal shadow realm–including childhood traumas born of experiences I was not able to understand as a child but which, almost transparently, filter the way I see and experience the world today. Seeking authenticity and deeper engagement, I keep digging deeper in search of freedom and full Presence. An ongoing effort, always…

In addition to sacred chanting, somatic healing work, and edgy dialogue, I’ve also been dreaming up some new workshops and new collaborations to encourage deeper diving. I hope you can join, or stir the pot somehow in your area.

I’m always humbled and honored to serve the healing process. If you feel I might serve you, please reach my way. Love always. 

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