Home Sweet Home!

Summertime is here! Where I live here in the northern hemisphere, Spring’s relentless expansion has culminated in the dance of the solstice, where light begins the long slow handoff to the darkness, already slowly growing stronger by the day.

I’ll be a road hound a lot this summer–exploring different communities in Portugal, Canada and the USA, and singing mantra for my supper much of the way. I’m feeling very blessed by the opportunities Life keeps offering, and so on I go!

In addition to sacred chanting, somatic healing work, and edgy dialogue, I’ve also been dreaming up some new workshops and new collaborations to encourage deeper diving. I hope to see you at my place or on the road somewhere, sharing the magic.

I’m always humbled and honored to serve the healing process. If you feel I might serve you, please reach my way. Love always. 

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