Home Sweet Home!

Brrr–the inevitability of winter is arriving here in the northern hemisphere. Autumn is fading into memory while the light has accelerated its long slow handoff to darkness, which appears to be growing stronger every day.

I’m happily home in New England, riding through the winter solstice’s return of the light, and then will be co-leading my first trip to India during the new year (a few spots still available if you feel inspired to join us). I continue feeling blessed by Life, and by the opportunities She keeps offering me to learn and love and grow.

I’m mostly sticking to what’s been working lately: sacred chanting, somatic and sexual healing work, edgy dialogue, hard work and deep play. I hope to see you at my place or on the road somewhere, sharing the magic.

I’m always humbled and honored to serve the healing process. If you feel I might serve you, please reach my way. Love, always. 

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