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Welcome to some of my creative media work.

Over the years, my artistic inclinations toward photography, language and music have yielded me a bounty of experience, memories and riches. Here’s where I’ll be sharing some of the fruits of my creative adventures.

I’ve got scads of travel blogs and photographs from my journeys: from Yosemite to Capetown, Patagonia to Rajasthan, Beijing to Mazar-e-Sharif and back home to Boston. Please enjoy them at your leisure. I’ve posted a number of shots from some old trips, but I will be adding more as the moons roll by…

Perhaps my most prized offerings are my modest but wide-ranging archives of master field recordings from the USA to India, Afghanistan and beyond. Recordings of the Muezzin’s pre-dawn call to prayer in Kabul; interviews, nature and temple sounds from the Kumbh Mela and 1990s India; amazing concerts and jam sessions at which I played, as well as many I simply attended—there are years of goodies to explore here.

Releasing all this audio is a project that will take some time, as many of the original recordings await transfer from obsolete media like DAT (digital audio tape) and even—gasp—cassette! I have a commitment to high quality standards, so I will need time to edit and sonically clean up many recordings before inviting you to listen. But the pipeline is full, and I’m excited to get started!

Among my audio archives are a number of kirtans and satsangs led by my Bhakti buddy Shyamdas, whose unique voice was stilled when he left his body in India in January 2013. Thankfully, I recorded many of Shyam’s events when I was playing bass with him, and his brilliant, playful spirit shines forth in these precious hours of teachings, poetry and sacred song at the heart of the Bhakti path of grace-filled living.

Part of my mission now is to edit and share these recordings so that those who never met Shyamdas might taste the nectar of his rich teachings on the devotional path, and those who did know Shyam might re-bask in the clarity and color of his expression and sweetness of the Bhakti teachings he shared. Having listened myself over many years now, I can attest that the power of these recorded teachings and kirtans remains undiluted with the passage of time and memory.

I will be coordinating on the Shyamdas archives specifically with Shyamdas’ family and the Shyamdas Foundation established to steward his considerable legacy. For more information about Shyamdas, his teachings, books and music, please visit