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Shyam Lila is Adam Bauer’s first solo kirtan album, a personal tribute to renowned singer and Bhakti Yoga teacher Shyamdas featuring contributions from many of Shyamdas’s friends and collaborators, including Gaura VaniJohn McDowellSteve Gorn and many others. A deeply intimate expression of devotion, the album showcases Bauer’s vocals, harmonium and signature electric bass, augmented by a lush tapestry of additional vocalists and instruments including tabla, organ, sitar, guitar, piano and bansuri flute.

Most of the eight songs on Shyam Lila arose in India during the weeks following Shyamdas’s unexpected death in 2013, as Bauer reflected on the sacred teachings and life of his kirtan brother, Bhakti Yoga mentor and friend. According to Grammy-nominated singer Jai Uttal, Adam’s kirtan is “So full of heart, so full of emotional honesty and beautiful musicianship, and just great, great, great!” Produced by Gaura Vani, the overall sound of the album captures the natural, heartfelt and spontaneous synergy of devotional music and chanting shared among friends and devotees.

Shyam Lila is available for purchase here and on iTunes and Amazon. Please direct all interview and booking requests to adam@iamadambauer.com.

Here’s some brief audio samples of each track:

Track 1: Shyam Lila (Radhe Shyam)
Track 2: Jaipur (Hare Krishna)
Track 3: Ras Dance (Radhe Govinda)
Track 4: Saraswati Devi (Jai Ma)
Track 5: Love Ditty (Govinda Gopal)
Track 6: Two Brothers (Shiksha Patra)
Track 7: Overcome
Track 8: Refuge (Shri Krishna Sharanam Mama)

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Info on the musicians on Shyam Lila, track list, and more are below.

Shyam Lila CD Cover

Shyam Lila – Booklet Back Cover
Shyam Lila – Back Cover