The Yoga of Devotion

No one stands outside the circle of supreme Love.


Bhakti is the yoga of love and devotion. Kirtan and Satsang are essential practices in Bhakti–where practice and reward merge. Here, the whole world is sacred: life is full of bliss, devotion, and service, and every voice is a crucial part of the chorus. 

The congregational call-and-response singing of Kirtan–mantra recitation with rhythm and melody–lives in the heart of the Bhakti Yoga practice, and is one of the most heartfelt practices I’ve ever known. Singing together is fun, deep and joyful, and a wonderfully healing community practice.

There’s a special joy in walking the path of love and devotion together with those we feel natural affection for. The spontaneous sweetness that arises while singing in community, sharing inspirational stories and sacred texts, is truly a nourishing balm for our hearts and souls.

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What People Say...

Adam Bauer's new album is truly amazing and divinely intoxicating.
Pure love and devotion.
Adam Bauer's music is pure devotion,
both a soothing and enlivening balm for the soul.
His voice is like a dream.
Chanting Kirtan with Adam is a very sublime experience.
He has one of the purest Bhakti hearts that you will find.
He bares his soul with every syllable.
Adam's CD is a beautiful gift to all those who loved Shyamdas-ji.
Adam himself is a wonderful singer and kirtan wallah.
The songs are deeply inspirational.
Just writing to tell you how much I enjoyed the evening.
It doesn't get ANY sweeter than that!! It really doesn’t!
Really superb from beginning to end.
A very beautiful evening.
Kirtan was so deep and sweet!
Your kirtan is straight from the heart and so pure and authentic.
It was really healing!
A beautiful experience… It was transformational for me.
This experience was incredibly moving for me;
I have not experienced anything quite like it
since being in India myself.
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