Blast Off!

It’s on now: T-minus 3 hours, and counting, until I roll out of the driveway, leaving the New England snowfields behind in favor of spending the bulk of the next 24 hours cruising 7 miles above the crust of the earth. Bags are zippered up, last hot bath is steaming and beckoning to me as I write, last super-greens smoothie ready for the blender, a little more putzing about as I put the Boutique to bed for the season… all the planning and preparations and running around and tweaking finally resolves into this one surreal moment of pre-launch.

I had an eerie moment yesterday–walked outside into late morning’s wintry splendor, and was struck by how utterly still and silent was my little corner of the planet. I have rarely, even out here on my little dirt road, heard life as quiet as I did in that moment. Spooky, and magical. And a little weird. But cool.

Well, that’s it for now. I hop into my warm tub mulling over my recent fortune cookies, and readying for the journey ahead…

I’ll see you in India!


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