Welcome to India–zap!

Ah, welcome to India. It has been a frustrating couple of days of delayed jet-lag and nasty technical difficulties. In a solid and until now largely successful stab at wishful thinking, neither my road film producer nor I had fully wrapped our brains around one of the more obvious perils of trying to do any technical work here in India: electricity. Or, the lack thereof.  Continue reading

Mumbai Landing

Neem Karoli Baba Maharaj ki jai!

Landed. Still working out kinks of blogland–can I really not cut and paste my previously-written post from a word doc? grumble mumble… Well, no time now to figure that out–meeting a Mumbai friend for lunch in 10 minutes. But, quickly: landed fine, smooth flights, with all my luggage actually arriving with my plane–amazing! Thank you Northwest Airlines–a far better experience than the one I had with Virgin Atlantic last year, when they lost my luggage for 6 days and didn’t quite manage to even look for it, despite all my efforts. But that was then, and this, my friends, is NOW! And boy, what a ‘now’ it is. Mumbai, raging. Maybe some time I’ll have the time to really explore this town. My film producer friend Sara, along for this crazy ride w/camcorder in tow, already this morning was offered a role in some Bollywood film–alas, no time to fulfill that dream. Continue reading

Blast Off!

It’s on now: T-minus 3 hours, and counting, until I roll out of the driveway, leaving the New England snowfields behind in favor of spending the bulk of the next 24 hours cruising 7 miles above the crust of the earth. Bags are zippered up, last hot bath is steaming and beckoning to me as I write, last super-greens smoothie ready for the blender, a little more putzing about as I put the Boutique to bed for the season… all the planning and preparations and running around and tweaking finally resolves into this one surreal moment of pre-launch.