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I offer a variety of sessions designed to support your own health and healing journey, including hands-on somatic bodywork, life coaching, facilitated I Ching consultations, and holding space for sexual healing work and trauma release.

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Ontological Life Coaching

Life-changing benefits can derive from integrating the perspectives of others. Athletes, artists, executives all benefit from good coaching—and we can, too. Sometimes a subtle tweak of perception is all it takes to rejuvenate our orientation and allow us to see new options and undertake entirely new expressions in action and behavior.

I trained in ontological coaching thirteen years ago with the brilliant Julio Olalla of the Newfield Network. My approach to coaching is rooted less in helping you develop lists of action items—though that can certainly be helpful at times—and more in exploring the roots of your essence and mission in life. I’m passionate about supporting you: discerning what is present in the here and now, aligning with your core values, translating awareness and purpose into a well-embodied  life.

The more clearly we resonate with our fundamental purpose and constitution, the easier it becomes to live in harmony with our personal mission and fulfill our purpose for being alive.

Sessions available in person, by phone and Skype.   Schedule a session

“I had the pleasure to consult Adam Bauer in a moment of key changes in my life. His work was very professional, caring and reflective. It gave me the opportunity to look at different issues from a renewed perspective, which ended up being greatly helpful.”                                                              Julio Olalla, Founder of Newfield Network

Healing Sessions

Most everyone benefits from regular healing touch; nothing alleviates stress and tension and promotes wellness quite like getting a good body-based healing session. Bodywork can be done fully clothed or naked, seated or lying down, dry or with oil. Each session is a little different, depending on inspiration, need and mood. I often include massage, prayer, energy and vibrational work, toning and mantra recitation directly into the body, or whatever else comes to us in the inspiration of the moment.

Experience this unique blend of hands-on somatic and energy work and take a nourishing journey into your own boundless depth and inner resources.

Available at your place, or mine.  Yes, I’m Interested!

“I love your beautiful blend of bodywork, energy play and mantras. Feeling you pouring sound vibrations through my body to run energy was amazing.” 

Sexual Healing Sessions

Many of us are challenged in embodying our full natural capacity for ecstasy, pleasure and intimate communion with others, sometimes storing profound layers of sexual trauma or cultural confusion deep in our tissues. Left unresolved, these challenges disturb our natural emotional clarity and power in some of the most intimate relationships of our lives.

To be sure, this is extremely delicate and sensitive territory. As individuals traveling along the journey of sexual healing and embodiment, we must pay close attention to our safety and boundaries, cultivating strong powers of discrimination even as we seek to open ourselves to new and healthier ways of being. As practitioners, we must hold an impeccable container, as we serve in facilitating healing space for another’s sacred journey.

Through cultivating pure presence, authentic conversation, hands-on somatic work and mantra/sacred sound toning, I am honored to hold space for exploration and healing in these vulnerable, difficult-to-reach realms.

In-person sessions mostly; phone conversations available as serves.   Yes, I’m Interested!

“My sessions with Adam played an integral part in healing and awakening my ability to feel pleasure at a deep, deep level. Adam’s integrity, compassion, and kindness allowed me to relax and truly be held. His intuition, clarity, and energetic awareness enabled him to perceive on multiple levels what I needed to feel and hear in order to release trauma and tension from deep within.  I highly recommend Adam’s work to any woman who is ready to revitalize the power of her own sensuality and beauty and feel profound pleasure. He’s amazing!”

I Ching Readings

I have been working with the ancient Chinese Book of Changes (I Ching) since my father gave me his old copy of the classic Wilhelm-Baynes translation back in 1980. The I Ching, one of the world’s oldest books, is based on comprehending and living in harmony with the Tao, the natural harmonious Way of life, and the natural seasonal cycles of change: of life and death, of growth and decay, of the up and downs of creativity, life challenges and self-expression. It is a work of staggering depth and complexity with a proven capacity to transform our experience of life as we integrate and align with its profound teachings.

I will guide you through this deep medicine realm into your own direct experience with the wisdom of the I Ching. You will leave your first session with the tools and capacity to consult the Book of Changes on your own—and my hope that you find the I Ching as great a teacher and ally in your own life as it has been for myself and so many others.

Sessions available in person, by phone and Skype.   Yes, I’m Interested!

“Adam’s warm, caring and professional personality made me feel immediately at ease. His knowledge and wisdom of the I Ching reading gave me some valuable and interesting insights into some personal dilemmas. This offered me a new way to reflect on my life and helped me to move forwards.”