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Kirtan at the Arillas Soundgarden: Corfu GREECE


ARILLAS SOUNDGARDEN ~ Under The Flower I’m delighted to be singing on Corfu this coming Monday June 24, 730 pm at the beautiful Arillas Soundgarden: outdoors under the flower and the stars. It’s my last night on the island, and I’m looking forward to going out in a blaze of mantra!  Monday June 24th :: 730 […]

Kirtan in SLOVAKIA

Event by Yoganga DS Meskete kávézó és gyermekkönyvesbolt ADAM BAUER MANTRA ESTJE a Mesketében Hosszas kihagyás után ismét lesz közös mantra éneklés (kirtan) a Mesketében. Ezúttal vendégünk Adam Bauer énekes lesz Amerikából akivel közösen egy csodálatos és meghitt estét álmodtunk meg nektek, elvégre mindketten azt szeretnénk megosztani veletek, ami számunkra a legkedvesebb. Ez pedig nem […]

Kirtan in Budapest, HUNGARY

First-ever appearance in Hungary! Dear One, Come and join us with our very special guest Adam Bauer for an evening of celebration with kirtan and mantras. Adam has been the bass player for Krishna Das and Shyamdas. If you listen to the songs of Adam, you will feel that the devotion and presence eminating from […]

Yoga Mela Festival at Divinya in Eslöv, SWEDEN

Sri Vast Ashram, Divinya Sweden Divinya Farstorp 24192, Eslöv, Sweden

Yoga Mela is a vibrant gathering to celebrate the beauty, love and sacredness of life. It is a part of a non-commercial yoga movement, promoting the transformative essence of Yoga as a way of life.

Yoga Mela promotes a profound, authentic and non-commercial spirituality. People come together and rejoice in the presence of each other. The festival emphasizes the expression of an ecologically sustainable spiritual living community in a highly organized, beautiful and nurturing environment.