RIP Jah ManTRA, Thomas Robert Anderson

    This past week, one of my oldest friends and earliest musical compatriots left his body behind and journeyed deeper into the Great Mystery. It’s always impossible to sum up a life in words, but at least I will add my reflections into the mix. Thomas Robert Anderson was known in recent years as […]

Seeing Barbie at the Drive-In Movies

This weekend I had the darshan of some classic Americana: I saw the triumph that is the new Barbie movie at one of America’s dwindling temples of culture: the Drive-In movie theater. I hopped into my car and hit the open road, driving up to the New Hampshire state line to catch the late show […]

Adam Bauer Kirtan in Mill Valley CA June 7th 2023

Adam Bauer Kirtan in Mill Valley CA June 7th 2023 I’m delighted to be bringing my harmonium stylings to the Marin redwoods for a special intimate program at a private home in Mill Valley CA. More info coming soon. Meanwhile, hit the QR code to join the host’s WhatsApp group for more details…     […]

Raising a Tipi for All Night Prayer Ceremony

Tipi viewed from inside

Raising a Tipi for All Night Prayer Ceremony I love learning and experiencing new things. This past weekend I had a chance to learn a few things while supporting friends who were preparing for an all-night prayer ceremony, helping them as they put up a tipi on beautiful land in the Hudson Valley of upstate […]

Adam Bauer Kirtan Returns to the Montague Retreat Center Sept. 10 2023

Adam Bauer Kirtan Returns to the Montague Retreat Center Sept. 10 2023! After a busy summer of programs, travels and adventures, I’ll be happily returning to the MRC in September to offer a full afternoon Bhakti program of live kirtan chanting to celebrate the end of Summer in gorgeous Western Massachusetts. It’ll be great to be […]

Healing Retreat in Southern France June 18-25

Healing Retreat in Southern France

Join us at this healing retreat in Southern France, where in the warmth of this ancient land, we will learn about the Fractal nature of our anatomy and the healing power of sound. Unwind tensions, release pain syndromes and fill up the sacredness of your inner sanctuary as we journey through the Songlines of your […]

How to Join Me in Portugal this August 13-19

How to join Adam in Portugal in August Adam and his retreat collaborators–Christine Mason, Sukkhadas and Katja Wallisch–are back in Portugal this August for their Deep & Alive retreat. Meet us at the Algarve for Nature, water, rest Clean, light, nourishing food Transformational Breathwork Body opening yoga asana and movement Guided meditation Guided massage Ice bathing Kirtan, […]

Photos of the Haul: Part 1

11:11 p.m. This stuff has a way of looking even better in another month or two when it’s cleaned up and somehow shows up in New England…

A few more Jodhpur photos

Friday the 13th, 2009 Here’s some more images from yesterday’s sunset ramble through the 500-year old city of Jodhpur, Rajasthan.

No Wonder

Jodhpur, Rajasthan, Friday the 13th No freaking wonder I got respiratory/chest problems upon arrival in Delhi: this little TV news screen capture says it all. The air pollution index (however they measure that) is off the charts in Delhi! Blasting past “unhealthy,” cruising easily beyond “alert” and well into “warning” en route to “emergency” levels—yikes!