Vraja yatra continues, with Vraj Gopi, Mohan and the gang. And here is where not writing immediately after the day’s events is revealed to be the key to forgetting all details in the swirl and madness of all these colorful crazy adventures. I literally, barely 24 hours later, can hardly remember quite which twists and turns unfolded, as all the days combine and melt into a dream… But it all dwells in the heart somewhere, lying quiet in the emotional wings, waiting to reveal itself in a moment of inspiration under some distant moon hence.

(Feb 18: Ah, right—we went to Ciraghat, the Kadam tree where Krishna stole the clothes of the Gopis while they bathed in Shri Yamuna ji… Jai ho!)

(Feb 19: Ah, and that was the evening we met with Dwarkesh ji, the Pushti Maharaj who Premdas had met the other day; he was leading a group of pilgrims on a long yatra and the night we dropped by their camp during their evening talk program he ushered us all to the very front row, esteemed position due to our status as foreign devotees. Between their speakers, Dwarkesh Maharaj asked Premdas to address the crowd, then Vallabhdas and Vraja Gopi, who sang a little bit—when the original speaker’s eyes met mine in the invitation to also address the crowd, I politely demurred—better for all, I think!)