• Wholesale India Shopping Excursions

Have you always wanted to make the passage to India and fill a container with incredible treasures? Are you building or renovating a home, yoga studio, temple or other venue? Your moment has arrived!

I offer this unique, customizable wholesale shopping trip for the discerning buyer who is seeking to access significant quantities of new, vintage, or antique furniture, textiles, architectural elements and other hard-to-find treasures. I take you directly to the source: we’ll explore acres of incredible warehouses stacked with antiques, where you can hand-pick your own special treasures. All at remarkable discounts compared even to the best possible wholesale pricing in the West. 

I spent two years at New York City’s legendary ABC Home, then founded Dharma Boutique and continued my own sourcing adventures in India (and Afghanistan), where I developed my own network of wholesalers and connections over the years.

I’ll help you source, negotiate, and ship to your chosen location as many (or as few) items as your heart desires. You’ve never had so much fun saving so much money before! And there’s nothing like enjoying pieces you discovered yourself on the trip of a lifetime.