Free Tibet ~ Beijing Out of Lhasa

Delhi 9:30 p.m.

Arrived last night back in Delhi. The street just outside my little guest house here in downtown Delhi is, same as last year, ripe with street protests about all manner of social ills. Today’s vibrant protest reflects what has, here in India, been the top story on the front pages of every national newspaper: China’s violent crackdown—or “people’s war” as the Chinese government’s oh-so-1984-speak puts it—on the Tibetan people and city of Lhasa. Words fail to express the basic outrage of working to extinguish a people’s religious and cultural identity, all in the name of “freeing” them. The Chinese government has shown itself, repeatedly, to be capable of vicious repression against their own people as well as their neighbors. I feel so blessed to live in America, where the idea of the government working against the interests, needs and wishes of its own people is simply unthinkable.

Here are some photos from this morning’s streets protest.