Happy Holi!

Devotees at Govind Dev ji temple in Jaipur (2008)


OK, today begins Holi, the spring festival of color. Beautiful when organic and soulful, boundary-busting and edgy unto dangerous when frolicked in as an excuse for alcohol and violent carousing, this festival goes way back to the time of Lord Krishna and beyond. I’ve tasted Holi while flying low over the festival fires burning every few blocks in Mumbai, and at homes and ancient temples in Rajasthan, over several years. It’s a trip–America’s got nothing like this–although I suppose Hallowe’en captures a small bit of its zany spirit.

I’m not sure how much I’ll get out today into the madness–but in the meantime, here’s a shot from last year’s Holi time at the radiant Shree Govind Dev ji temple in the center of the Pink City…

Also, I found this blog through Varun responding to my own; a little rap and a couple funky pics about this crazy Holi color festival here in India:

Happy Holi!