Healing Retreat in Southern France June 18-25

Healing Retreat in Southern France

Join us at this healing retreat in Southern France, where in the warmth of this ancient land, we will learn about the Fractal nature of our anatomy and the healing power of sound. Unwind tensions, release pain syndromes and fill up the sacredness of your inner sanctuary as we journey through the Songlines of your Body, and the Magdalene mysteries.

Somatic Stretch® and Somatic Sound

June 9-16, 2023 (sold out)

June 18-25th (now accepting registrations)

Where Mary Magdalene has been revered and celebrated for centuries.

Where the Church is the land and your Body is the Temple. 


Beautiful Food

Food is an integral part of retreat. The Eastern medicines have always known that how we digest thoughts is directly related to how we digest our food. Throughout the retreat, this awareness arises naturally as part of our exploration.

Our personal, French chef will be creating our meals from locally grown food. Full vegetarian, allergy aware fare to keep us nourished throughout our retreat.

Beautiful Expansion through Somatic Stretch®

A family lineage from Grandfather to Mother to Daughter, you will be guided by Meredith into the refined regions where easy movement meets its first edge, and carry your Body into the realms of open, easy engagement.

We will weave our way through an understanding of our own fractal anatomy and use this knowledge to help us get to the core of pain syndromes, releasing issues more easily, without strain.

Beautiful Health

We will be learning about the stretch reflex and how we can move so little, and yet gain so much in even the short span of a moment.  Learning Somatic Stretch® gives us tools to bring home to help you transition through pain syndromes, to fluidity and ease.

Frozen shoulder? Low back pain? neck and shoulder tension? Digestive issues? Sciatica? We will be covering your specific challenges, change the way you feel and give you techniques to take home so you can keep yourself moving in a pain-free direction.

Magdalene Journeys with Ani Williams

Ani Williams is a world-renowned harpist and singer, and has recorded more than two-dozen albums of original sacred music based on ancient spiritual traditions. She has done seminal work in the study of sound healing and the relationship between musical tones, the human voice and healing.

Ani is also a pilgrimage guide who will be leading us in two afternoon journeys to ancient sites of Mary Magdalene andone afternoon workshop on sound and healing!

“Ani Williams is one of the most celebrated harpists and singers of her generation, with dozens of recording credits to her acclaim. A pioneer in the field of women’s sacred music, she delights in performing her original instrumentals and songs at sacred sites all over the world.”
— PJ Birosik, Musik International Corp

More Beautiful Music

An International Kirtan Wallah you will love, Adam Bauer’s music brings with it a resonance of true Healing. We are lucky to have him at this retreat to bring us morning inspiration, evening peacetime, and some deepening melodies to the stretch.

More about Adam Bauer

Beautiful Earth

This is not a stock photo;). Our homestead of ancient stone sits amidst rolling hills and fragrant lavender, where we will be lounging poolside between classes and meals.

…with beautiful sleeping accommodations, and vistas overlooking the French countryside.



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