I was absorbed in my work in this world, but I never lost my longing for home.
One day, exhausted with no strength left, I was lifted suddenly by the grace of Love.
To describe this mystery there are no words.

~ Rumi


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Kirtan, Coaching, I Ching, Ceremony

Music has power to ease tension within the heart and to loosen the grip of obscure emotions.
The enthusiasm of the heart expresses itself involuntarily in a burst of song,
in dance and rhythmic movement of the body.
From immemorial times the inspiring effect of the invisible sound that moves all hearts,
and draws them together, has mystified mankind.    

I Ching, Hexagram 16, Enthusiasm

My Work

In-person & Online. Groups & 1-on-1. Workshops & Intensives.
Travel Tours & Immersions Around the Globe.

Bhakti Yoga

Invite me to lead a workshop, program or live event in your area.
I love to travel, sing, and share programs about Bhakti Yoga!

Life Coaching

Life-changing benefits derive from the gift of seeing beyond our own existing perspective, opening new options
for self-expression.

I Ching

The Book of Changes helps us shape our fate by refining our self-expression, and aligning our will and actions with the Tao, and with what the times demand of us.

Private Serenade

Sometimes, it’s a gift to simply let go and allow ourselves to be bathed in the healing frequencies of mantra, voice and harmonium. 

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Bhakti Yoga, personal development, & global exploration: immersive retreats in gorgeous locations around the world.

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Sanctuary Programs

Beautiful outdoor gathering spaces in the forest.
Peaceful, inspiring communion in Nature’s cathedral.

Connecticut River Valley
Western Massachusetts



Sunday February 12th 3-5pm

Sing and swim in the ocean of devotion at the
Montague Retreat Center in Montague, Mass.

“Adam Bauer’s music
is pure devotion, both a soothing
and enlivening balm for the soul.”

High vibration juices, superfoods, and living food refreshments from Graced by Green