Stay real, and stay loving.

Hello friends, I hope you are staying well and real in these wild days. I am looking forward to sharing my new album, Return to the Sacred, with you soon. 

Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday night at 8pm ET (USA), I’m offering a free Zoom satsang at https://us02web.zoom.us/j/82968659292, and I invite you to join us. We chant, sit in silence, read sacred texts, and converse about what feels real in the moment. They’ve been sweet circles; please join us anytime. They are free, but I do accept donations to help keep the lights on.

I remain available for coaching consultations including using the I Ching, so if that might serve you, please reach out. I am developing an online I Ching introduction webinar/course to help share the power of this practice more broadly during these crucial times, too–more on that soon. 

Please don’t be shy to reach out–we need each other, we need to stay connected, and I am here to serve. Be well, and stay happy and engaged, and hope to see you again in person before too long! 

Are you ready for some coaching, counsel, healing or support in your life? I offer a free initial session, so we can see if I might be a good ally as you navigate life’s current adventures.