How to Join Me in Portugal this August 13-19

How to join Adam in Portugal in August

Adam and his retreat collaborators–Christine Mason, Sukkhadas and Katja Wallisch–are back in Portugal this August for their Deep & Alive retreat.

Meet us at the Algarve for

Nature, water, rest
Clean, light, nourishing food
Transformational Breathwork
Body opening yoga asana and movement
Guided meditation
Guided massage
Ice bathing
Kirtan, chanting and music
Plant Medicine Ceremony and Ritual
Presencing and Connective Healing
Personal and Group Integration


You Deserve To Feel Fully Deep & Alive

Our intention for this immersive retreat experience is to create a space that allows you to fully sink into presence, aliveness and depth of your own being. To cultivate deep self respect, devote yourself whole-heartedly to your process and to liberate yourself from anything that is keeping you from expanding.


Villa Bodhi Bhavan was designed for visitors to ground deeply, to dwell and be at home in their own true wisdom. Our retreat venue is nestled into the stunning natural setting of the Monchique mountains, a powerful energy vortex. The element of water plays a special role. With a 9.5 ph, the water of Monchique is the most alkaline water in Portugal and one of the most alkaline in the world.


What’s included

  • 7 days / 6 nights in a beautiful room at a mountain top villa in a serene ecological reserve
  • Clean, light, nourishing food prepared by a private chef
  • Transformational Breathwork
  • Yoga & movement classes
  • Guided meditations
  • Guided tantra massage workshop
  • Ice bathing
  • Kirtan, chanting and music
  • Plant Medicine Ceremony and Rituals
  • Human Connection Workshop
  • Water Ritual
  • Presencing and Connective Healing
  • Personal and Group Integration Session

Meet Your Facilitators


Christine Marie Mason works to bring more joy and less suffering alive in the world, starting on the inside of the self and extending into families and cultural systems. A sixtime founder, author, yogi, mom of four and grandmother, she offers a unique integration of practical activation and spiritual insight. She is the founder and CEO of Rosebud Woman™, an intimate wellness line that invites a new conversation about women, women’s bodies, self-care and power, and the cofounder of New Earth Mandala, a retreat on Hawai’i. Her prior work as a tech CEO and technology futurist has given way to a more organic look at the future of our species, and how we live together better. She host the rose woman, a podcast on living a more liberated life.



Adam Bauer travels the globe sharing the heart-expanding beauty of kirtan, healing touch, the I Ching, and transformational conversation. Adam spent years playing bass with kirtan pioneer Krishna Das, and later with Bhakti Yoga legend Shyamdas, both of whom nourished his love of sacred sound and the yoga of devotion. His critically-acclaimed record Shyam Lila debuted on Mantralogy Records in 2014, Wonderville was released in 2017, and Return to the Sacred was released in 2020. Adam sings & offers workshops, programs & healing sessions worldwide, enchanting and inspiring listeners with his deep, soulful voice and presence wherever he goes.

How to join Adam in Portugal in August


Katja Wallisch is a certified transformation coach (ICF), trained Awake Origins facilitator, shamanic initiate and an energetic space opener and holder. She is hosting retreats and coaching individuals through personal transitions and deep transformation processes. Katja lives in the Mexican jungle where she devotes herself to continuously studying traditional indigenous and ancient wisdom practices, especially plant medicine. She is also a psychedelic guide and integration coach. Having transitioned out of corporate after a 10+ years career her work focuses on spiritual leadership, on liberation of the mind through consciousness expansion and on creating coherence between head, heart and hara.



Sukkhadas Ingo Auer is a modern free spirit and hearty rebel who started meditating at the age of 18 and has been leading meditations since 2002. He looks back on a wealth of experience over 20 years in the field of Tantric massage. Today he lives inner and outer freedom, is father of a wonderful son, worked for a long time as a creative head in the media industry in Berlin. After a burnout he decided to completely reorient his life and to do only what gives him fun and joy. With love and dedication he now gives workshops and retreats about breathwork, cold exposure, meditation, tantric massage and psychedelic integration worldwide and is often just bubbling over with happiness.



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See beyond existing perspectives
to open new options
for self-expression.


Learn to use one of the world’s
oldest living wisdom traditions.

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