I’m making a new record ~ wanna help?

Hi friends, I just launched a 2-week crowdfunding campaign to pre-sell my upcoming album and help me cover final expenses: www.igg.me/at/adambauer2

It took me a few years since finishing Shyam Lila, but I’m delighted to be back in the studio and finishing up this new record–Wonderville–working with legendary producer Ben Leinbach.

I actually began recording this one in Winter 2016, recording in the ancient city of Varanasi India (aka Benares), and have been plugging away since then. We’re aiming to release it on the Mantralogy label later this summer–so this campaign will help me cover final studio time, musicians, engineering and production, and album package design and manufacturing etc.

Hope to see you over at Indiegogo–and thank you!!
<3 adam