In Vrindavan

Vrindavan India

Immersed in a swamp of internet dis-connectivity here in the holy land of Lord Krishna’s youthful adventures—haven’t even been able to post from last week’s arrival into Delhi and the street protests for a Free Tibet, much less stay current here. I’m now officially just going to post some words and forget about bandwidth-hogging ideas like photos and videos…

Vrindavan is truly a lovely place—an entire world of temples and sadhus and devotees and, yes, cows. And while I did do a day or two of sourcing work—all of my malas come from here, as well as a few other goodies-mostly it’s been a chance to recharge and explore the sacred realm. Yesterday we went for a parikrima, or holy walk around Govardhan Hill, with Shyamdas and a few other friends and folks visiting from the USA. A barefoot tumble through temples villages and road dust around what is said to be the most circumambulated hill on the planet—the site of all kinds of miracles and adventures from eons past. A cool place, for sure. I got some great photos but I guess sharing them will have to wait until a real broadband connection and some regular juice from a functioning grid.

Today the plan is to gather with Shyamdas and friends again and then head over to Neem Karoli Baba Maharaj ji’s ashram, hopefully enjoy some darshan with Siddhi Ma there, and soak up the good energy. My mind, however, will also cycling through the day’s major challenge—purchasing our air tickets to Kabul before we get inside the 7-day time window. That is already looming as a bureaucratic effort of mammoth proportion, but I’m crossing my fingers. More later.


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