India Travels – March 16, 2012


Joined today by Ned and Lynn from NY. A chill siesta day until later afternoon. We had prasad together, then did a little kirtan/song swap (which I recorded) in the wake of Ned showing Niku a few basic things on harmonium fingering. Then we did the eve’s walkabout parikrama down to the Govind Kund again, where we again were treated to an enthusiastic kirtan at the temple across the path. Actually, just as we started there was a really rocking “haldar” (sp?), a once-a year post-Holi festival which featured a bunch of drummer playing these humongous drums, 4-8 feet across. Another lovely walk and vibe, much of which I recorded on my Sony D-50. We’ll see how any of it turns out, of course…

At the end of the night SD was doing just a little solo playing and singing on this cool old German reed harmonium—very lovely stuff—again recorded!