Kirtan & Futbol in Munich: 1st Annual Bhakti Jam

June 21, 2024

After a few adventurous days exploring the mystical countryside and history of Occitania in southern France, I caught a ride with one of the locals up to the Toulouse airport and headed to Munich for the first annual Jivamukti Yoga Bhakti Jam weekend, organized by my old gurubhai Petros Haffenrichter and filled with wonderful musicians and yogis, celebrating yoga, devotion and sacred song over the weekend. I got there on Saturday in time to catch most of Vish & friends’ energetic set of devotional Krishna worship, and was very happy not only to sit in and sing with my friend Brenda McMorrow during her Sunday set, but that Brenda and Visvambhar and many other wonderful folks there were able to join me on stage for my set on Sunday afternoon as well. I hadn’t seen or sung with Fish in years–so it was a sweet reunion!

A good time was had by all. Thanks to Petros and Anabel and all the other folks on the team for helping it happen, and I hope to be with you there again next year.

I was warned before arriving that Munich was extra crazy this month due to the ongoing European football matches hosted in the stadium there,—and sure enough, the footballers were going crazy until the wee hours. Pubs and restaurants everywhere had big screen televisions blaring the matches, and you could often hear groups of people whooping and hollering to the matches’ cadence. Nonetheless, my arrival in and out of town was unimpeded by the revelers.

Visvambhar and I and a couple other folks from the festival team took a break Sunday late afternoon went down to the Isar River to join thousands of other Munich residents enjoying an early summer afternoon along the refreshing, cool riverbanks. We jumped in to cool off and enjoy the unusual beauty of a proper river in a major metropolitan area. Another plus from Munich, for sure.

I hope the next time I have a lot more days to enjoy exploring Munich, but before I knew it, it was time to be leaving the gorgeous architecture and head off to the next plane, bound for Corfu…


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