Kirtan & Satsang

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Kirtan and satsang are foundational practices on the path of Bhakti Yoga, the yoga of love and devotion. Often kirtan and satsang are spontaneously combined, each complementing and nourishing the other.


Release date:  April 15, 2014

Kirtan is the call and response chanting of the sacred names of God, drawn from the Indian devotional tradition. Chanting mantras has been finding wide acceptance in the West among people seeking grounded, inspiring and effective self-awareness practices. People often notice that, even when we are not experts in this particular language, culture or tradition, somehow chanting just works! Without even trying, we simply feel better when we chant together, more connected with each other and the world.

“Chanting Kirtan with Adam is a very sublime experience. He has one of the purest Bhakti hearts that you will find. He bares his soul with every syllable.

Satsang is when we gather together as truth seekers in community, cultivating a remembrance of spirit and devotion as we all navigate our paths through this wild world. Sometimes satsang involves singing, story telling or readings from inspiring devotional texts, sometimes just diving deep into silence or conversations that explore and enliven our connection with Life and all its radiance.

Want Adam to come and lead kirtan or a workshop in your community?

As a deep lover of devotional singing, healing and cultivating conscious community, Adam is delighted to join with your community anywhere on the planet for kirtan and/or satsang programs. Please write for more information.