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I offer a variety of sessions designed to support your own health and healing journey, including private Zoom serenadesfacilitated I Ching consultations, and life coaching sessions (and, when COVID-times ease up again, hands-on somatic bodywork, and holding space for sexual healing work and trauma release).  

More on each below, or reach me directly:

Private Zoom Serenades

I’ve been greatly enjoying doing these private sessions lately–it started as a perk for my recent album crowdfund campaign, but I’m keeping it going because it’s too sweet to stop! I can sing for you, we can talk, or sit in silence, or all of the above–whatever fits the moment. Join me for a 45-minute session designed to meet you where you are, and nourish your roots.

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Facilitated I Ching Sessions

The I Ching is one of the oldest and most profound wisdom and oracle traditions on the planet. I’ve been a student and practitioner since my Dad gave me his old copy when I was 16 years old–and it has revolutionized my life. I take great delight in teaching others how to bring this transformational practice into their own lives, and facilitating workshops and learning opportunities in this realm. Come join me for a private session, where we can examine how to put this ancient technology to work for you, supporting you in navigating life’s challenges and living your best life. (Online courses also available, open group or customized.)

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Ontological Life Coaching

Life-changing benefits can derive from integrating the perspectives of others. Athletes, artists, executives all benefit from good coaching, because it’s easier to see some things from outside of our own perspective—each of us can benefit from another eye’s point of view. Sometimes a subtle tweak of perception is all it takes to rejuvenate our orientation and allow us to see new options and undertake entirely new expressions in action and behavior.

I trained in ontological coaching almost twenty years ago with the brilliant Julio Olalla of the Newfield Network. My approach to coaching is rooted less in helping you develop lists of action items—though that can certainly be helpful at times—and more in exploring the roots of your essence and mission in life. I’m passionate about supporting you: discerning what is present in the here and now, aligning with your core values, translating awareness and purpose into a well-embodied  life.

The more clearly we resonate with our fundamental purpose and constitution, the easier it becomes to live in harmony with our personal mission and fulfill our purpose for being alive.

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All sessions now available via Zoom, WhatsApp, and FaceTime (and one day again in person).

“I had the pleasure to consult Adam Bauer in a moment of key changes in my life. His work was very professional, caring and reflective. It gave me the opportunity to look at different issues from a renewed perspective, which ended up being greatly helpful.”                                                              
Julio Olalla, Founder of Newfield Network