Mumbai Landing

Neem Karoli Baba Maharaj ki jai!

Landed. Still working out kinks of blogland–can I really not cut and paste my previously-written post from a word doc? grumble mumble… Well, no time now to figure that out–meeting a Mumbai friend for lunch in 10 minutes. But, quickly: landed fine, smooth flights, with all my luggage actually arriving with my plane–amazing! Thank you Northwest Airlines–a far better experience than the one I had with Virgin Atlantic last year, when they lost my luggage for 6 days and didn’t quite manage to even look for it, despite all my efforts. But that was then, and this, my friends, is NOW! And boy, what a ‘now’ it is. Mumbai, raging. Maybe some time I’ll have the time to really explore this town. My film producer friend Sara, along for this crazy ride w/camcorder in tow, already this morning was offered a role in some Bollywood film–alas, no time to fulfill¬†that¬†dream.

Fly tonight to Delhi–decided against the overland car adventure; it would have been great fun but taken far too long and been a distraction from the current mission. So, land in Paharganj this evening late, and start rocking the sourcing tomorrow morning.

Web access spotty, should improve soon. But all is well, and the journey has begun!