Obrigado, Portugal!

Obrigado, Portugal!

The first leg of my European adventure has come to a close—and a marvelous week it has been. Brief highlights: in Lisbon I stayed in a spare room of a friend of my friend Kyle—and ended up joining them at their art gallery opening the day after I landed, where Brayden, Dimi and Joshua were exploring the convergence of AI and analog/digital art, spoken word poetry and live music. During the event they ushered me onstage to do an unrehearsed collaboration where Brayden joined me on a sweet Gretsch hollow body electric guitar while I sang a few of my songs in English and Sanskrit—unexpected, but it worked well enough that folks came to me afterwards crying, they were so moved. Not their usual scene, I think! But a cool cross-pollination of creativity, and a nice welcome to the continent.

Then it was off to the coastal area of Sintra and Colares—highly recommended!—for a 5-day deep dive into Kindrêd, a new-to-me form of collective or social meditation and self-expression that my friend Katie O’Farrell has been telling me about for years, and which I finally have had a chance to explore. Too deep and too much to distill here, but what a lovely practice, and an unusual invitation to connect quite deeply with others, well beyond the usual stale constrictions of the modern world’s idea of how to meet and be in relation with others. I met a few dozen stellar humans, all open to going to deep and intimate places together with total strangers—it has all been quite moving, really. Lots of tears and sweetness every day, and a great field of exploration to relish. I was in the intro teacher training program, and while I am uncertain whether I have the bandwidth to devote to that journey beyond a certain point, I’m very glad to have been here this week for the experience. 

Kindrêd founder jesh de Rox has also founded a new company, Superfeel, that is aiming to humanize and revolutionize AI, social media, and human creativity, offering an inspiring alternative to the current extractive economic models that we all suffer with under behemoths like Facebook. Fascinating stuff, and I am watching this space closely…

If you are curious to check that out, you can try checking out the Beta app and feel into it yourself.

I left our group house today at 4am to fly from Lisbon to Iceland—by way of three Copenhagen airport where I write these words. My friend and fellow Shyamtourage member Saraswati is picking me up will take me straight to the Blue Lagoon upon arrival—where the Icelandic Bhakti adventures will begin!



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