A kirtan and satsang with sacred chant artist Adam Bauer is a deep immersion in bhakti—the yoga of devotion, a blissful union of hearts and voices carried on a current of music and love. With his warm baritone voice and sonorous harmonium accompaniment, Adam leads his chanting sessions with a gentle, grounded energy, guiding participants to profound levels of conscious awareness.


Adam Bauer travels the globe sharing the heart-expanding beauty of kirtan, healing touch, the I Ching, and transformational conversation. Adam spent years playing bass with kirtan pioneer Krishna Das, and later with Bhakti Yoga legend Shyamdas, both of whom nourished his love of sacred sound and the yoga of devotion. He has released three critically-acclaimed records: Shyam Lila debuted on Mantralogy Records in 2014, Wonderville was released in 2017, and Return to the Sacred in 2020. Adam sings & offers workshops, programs & coaching sessions worldwide, enchanting and inspiring listeners with his deep, soulful voice and presence wherever he goes.

  • “I consider music and singing to be among the most intimate ways we can share and express ourselves and connect with others. For eons, all cultures have recognized the mystical power inherent in shared group musical ritual, or ‘the inspiring effect of the invisible sound that moves all hearts, and draws them together,’ as the I Ching puts it.”


  • “As a singer, it’s my job to nourish and cultivate my essential, loving nature, so that I can be like a hollow bone that allows the presence, joy and ecstasy of the universe to channel through me in a clear and open way.”



Adam spent many years as a bassist for renowned kirtan artists Krishna Das and Shyamdas, and has recorded three albums of his own devotional music


Adam Bauer’s latest album, Return to the Sacred, was recorded early 2020 in India and the USA, and released in October 2020. Produced by Adam Bauer and Ben Leinbach.

Featuring all original compositions in both English and Sanskrit, played by incredible musicians in India and America, including Mohan Shyam Sharma on pakhawaj, Noah Hoffeld on cello, Visvambhar Sheth on mrdangam, Kailash Sharma on bansuri, Rajeev Janardan on surbahar, and more.


Wonderville, released in 2017, is Adam Bauer’s second critically-acclaimed solo kirtan album. Produced by Ben Leinbach and Adam Bauer. Released on Mantralogy Records.

His first collaboration with award-winning producer (and former high school classmate) Ben Leinbach, Adam co-produced this album of all-new chants (and one cover, Angel Wash), recorded in India and the USA.


2014’s Shyam Lila is Adam Bauer’s first solo kirtan album, a personal tribute to renowned singer and Bhakti Yoga teacher Shyamdas, featuring contributions from many of Shyamdas’ friends and collaborators, including Gaura Vani, John McDowell, Steve Gorn and many others.

Produced by Gaura Vani. Released on Mantralogy Records.


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Adam Bauer’s “Wonderville:” CD Review

By Ira Israel, HuffPost.com Contributor

Adam Bauer’s new CD “Wonderville” is luscious, ethereal and breathtaking.  For many years, Adam Bauer played bass with kirtan’s most renowned artist, Krishna Das. Now Bauer is traveling the world sharing his own heartfelt music. From India to Europe and through the Americas, Adam has been inspiring listeners around the world with his deep, soulful presence.  Continue reading

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Jiyo was founded by world renowned physician, best selling author and wellness expert Deepak Chopra, M.D. and Poonacha Machaiah, entrepreneur, technology, and transmedia expert in 2015.  Watch video

Adam Bauer's new album is truly amazing and divinely intoxicating.
Pure love and devotion.
Adam Bauer's music is pure devotion,
both a soothing and enlivening balm for the soul.
His voice is like a dream.
Chanting Kirtan with Adam is a very sublime experience.
He has one of the purest Bhakti hearts that you will find.
He bares his soul with every syllable.
Adam's CD is a beautiful gift to all those who loved Shyamdas-ji.
Adam himself is a wonderful singer and kirtan wallah.
The songs are deeply inspirational.
Just writing to tell you how much I enjoyed the evening.
It doesn't get ANY sweeter than that!! It really doesn’t!
Really superb from beginning to end.
A very beautiful evening.
Kirtan was so deep and sweet!
Your kirtan is straight from the heart and so pure and authentic.
It was really healing!
A beautiful experience… It was transformational for me.
This experience was incredibly moving for me;
I have not experienced anything quite like it
since being in India myself.
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