Healing Work

Music, chanting, and integration facilitation

“Psychedelics… are tools which are guiding our perception toward other, deeper,
areas of human existence, so that we, again, become aware of our spiritual essence.”

Dr. Albert Hofmann

Tam Integration
Psilocybin Summit

Daniel Shankins of Tam Integration and Adam Bauer discuss the benefits of Kirtan and Psychedelic Integration.  

7 Minutes

The Power of Plant Medicine

I do not serve plant medicine personally. I do, however, have extensive first-hand experience of the potency of this path, and over the years I have offered my presence, my prayers, and my music in a wide variety of medicine ceremonies and private journeys.

It is my honor to serve people–both during such transformational journeys and in the ongoing process of integrating these profound experiences into our daily lives afterwards–through my music and through personal coaching from a sensitive, supportive, and experienced perspective.

Why Psychedelics?

Plant medicine and psychedelic therapeutics–especially in conjunction with chanting, meditation, therapy and other supportive practices–represents a world of great promise, supporting our healing journey as we move from traumatized reactivity towards a more open and integrated response-ability, freedom, and creative expression.

Trauma happens when we are overwhelmed by experiences we aren’t able to fully process in real time. Our brilliant instinct for survival can manifest itself as the burying of memories or feelings which were simply too much for us to bear in the moment.

Over time, this originally adaptive trauma response often calcifies and outlives its usefulness. Instead of protecting us from danger, we end up perpetuating suffering by reacting in outdated ways to perceived dangers that no longer threaten us as they once did.

Indigenous wisdom traditions and emerging scientific research both recognize profound efficacy in consciously using plant medicines and psychedelics to address a variety of conditions, including personal or childhood trauma, and difficult-to-treat depression, addiction, and PTSD.

I find it deeply meaningful to offer the power of music, mantra and devotional frequency both during psychedelic journeys and along people’s integration process.

Witnessing and supporting people in sensitive states brings me gratitude and joy. It is a true honor to be in service to this intimate, powerful, and urgently needed work.

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