Scholarship Application

A note on money and cost:

I never want money to be a barrier to a sincere practitioner’s ability to access my work. Therefore, I have always offered much of my work for free and by donation, outside the matrix of our dominant transactional capitalist economy. But hey, we’ve all gotta eat! When I do ask for money, I always try to price my offerings fairly. And, I understand that some people (and companies) have more resources and some less, so I aim to be flexible in working with people to find the right amount for their circumstances.

Also, if paying all at once is a challenge, I can sometimes offer a payment plan option to spread costs over time.

No matter the resource exchange between us, I will endeavor to serve you honestly and truly, with all my heart and in a spirit of goodwill, with the intention to serve you and all beings in the best ways I am able.

Please fill out the following brief form here so we can locate the common ground to meet.