Selecting the Perfect Piece: Meaning and Gemstone Malas

Gemstones have a special meaning in many types of devotional practices. We’ve put a lot of thought into what goes into Dharma Boutique – in the gemstone and mala category, as both bracelets and necklaces, we’ve selected a few pieces that we think are especially beautiful, made by hand by artisans we’ve encountered on our travels.

One of the most common inquiries we get is around the meaning of the stones and how to choose the right one.  So, whether you are looking for a special gift for a friend or wanting to use these gemstones for healing purposes or as a touchstone in your own practice, knowing the language and symbolism may make the choice more meaningful.   So, in that spirit, here’s a primer:

Turquoise is associated with friendship, protection, wisdom, and good luck. It is also used by some people as a healing stone for inflammation, stomach ailments, and general pain.

Carnelian is a lesser-known gemstone and is characterized by its red-orange coloring. It is commonly found in India and was often associated with people of a higher social status. Traditionally, it was used to bring energy and vibrancy to the wearer’s life as well as balance a hot temper.

While jade isJ-MAJ27-6-2 often pictured as a dark green hue, it is found in a variety of shades, ranging from pea green to a deep emerald color. It is most often associated with love, protection, and successful finances. Jade is used today as a self-healing stone because of its calming properties.

Although malachite is also green in color, it is not used as a healing stone. Instead, it is thought to be a mirror of a person’s inner thoughts and emotions, amplifying them regardless of whether they are good or bad. It was historically used as a protection stone against witchcraft and is supposed to help those who have repeated nightmares.

The official birthstone of January, garnet is most often a deep purplish-red color, although it can be found in a range of hues, and is known as a stone of success. Garnet is often used by those doing self-reflection and is used in meditating and practicing spiritual awareness.

Lapis is an intriguing royal blue color and draws attention to the wearer. It is thought to be a very powerful stone in ancient cultures and is most often associated with mental and spiritual purifying and cleansing.

Rose quartz is a light pink color, and its meaning reflects its feminine appearance. It is associated with youthfulness and love and brings good fortune and peace to the wearer and his or her relationships.

Gemstones are often mentioned in historical and spiritual texts, including Sanskrit writings, as decorations and important tools for channeling personal and universal energy.  Make the meaning your own.