People have been asking Adam for years if he would ever consider taking groups to India, and last year’s inaugural tour was a delight. Planning is now underway for two different adventure tours of India.

Bhakti Bhajan Tour ~ Join Adam on a journey into devotional North India (featuring lots of time in Vraja, the sacred land of Krishna’s birth and pastimes), with daily yoga asana and kirtan chanting, visits to sacred sites, and time with some of the special devotional personalities who live still live and practice in these areas.


Priest offering arti puja at a small temple near Jaipur’s main palace


One of Adam’s network of warehouses in India that are brimming with antique treasures–jaw-dropping!

Heritage Sourcing Trip ~ Join Adam on this unique trip focused on a higher-end experience of Indian Heritage Hotels, sacred sites, and serious shopping. Take advantage of Adam’s ten years experience exporting from India, and let him escort you into the heart of some of India’s finest and most colorful markets. Temple goods and home furnishings, devotional art and statuary, vintage textiles and antique smalls, large architectural pieces, pillars and doors—you name it. If you’ve ever wanted to wander through warehouses of amazing antiques and hand-pick and fill a container of magical Indian goods at unbelievably low wholesale rates—this is your trip!


Sorry, did you say you wanted access to endless piles of vintage textiles?


If you ever wondered where Adam’s Dharma Boutique collection of incredible antique framed devotional art prints came from, well…

The next tours are India is being planned for Winter 2022. If you feel inspired to join these journeys of a lifetime, click below so you can be among the first to know as trip dates get scheduled.

This sounds awesome! Keep me in the loop.