Global Adventures

Experiencing life through other cultures opens our hearts to deeper compassion, love and resonance–and when we return to our familiar lives, we bring these gifts home with us.

Southern France

Somatic Stretch & Sound

June 9-16 (Sold Out)
18-25th (Open)

Where Mary Magdalene has been revered & celebrated for centuries. Where the Church is the land and your body is the temple

Monchique/Algarve Portugal

Deep & Alive Retreat

August 13th – 19th 2023 
Villa Bodhi Bhavan

An Immersive Retreat Experience for Singles and Couples.
Fusing Yoga, Tantra, Music And Plant Medicine

Guided Travel

Travel in wildly different cultures (such as India) can be a bit jarring. Local guides, who can open hidden doors and help contextualize our experiences, can offer a more curated journey and optimize our often time-limited explorations.

What to Expect

I’ve been journeying on pilgrimage to India over 25 years, often guided by friends, together we have drunk deeply from the devotional presence of those who have walked before us, and those who live around us.

It is a blessing and joy for me to be a companion for others seeking to relish the nectar in these ancient lands that have given us Yoga and the Vedas, and the inspiring saints and yogis whose footsteps we follow along the dusty trails leading to self-awareness.

Retreats 2023

We have programs in France in June, Portugal in August, and more to come. February 2024 brings us back to North India. Who knows where else our inspirations may lead us? Come join us!