Wonderville drop day!

I awoke this morning feeling a fullness of emotion around today’s release day of my new album, Wonderville. Obviously, it’s exciting to finally fully share my new baby with the world! And I’ve been deeply gratified by the warm response and extraordinarily kind words offered by folks who’ve been listeners so far. I am humbled and grateful, and happy.

The other side, the shadow, is also present. Maybe it’s the creative person’s own version of postpartum depression? It’s like “this one’s already yesterday’s work, what have I done lately to contribute to the world?” Toss in a twinge for every person I should have already sent an advance copy to, or all the thanks you and loose ends I shoulda coulda woulda been more on top of, if I was running my life like a well-oiled business, instead of, well, instead of like a messy, overwhelmed human life like the one I am living. Sigh.

But all is all, it’s a day of celebration. The autumnal equinox is now upon us Northerners, Muslims, Jews and many others are celebrating important seasonal passages and much of the collective mind turns towards the Sacred, towards the Eternal, ever-present even through the endless tides of shifting, growing and dying that Nature serves up on the natural.

I guess my wish and prayer is that, in its own humble way, Wonderville helps stoke the fires and recognition of miracle and wonder in each listener, that it helps evoke and hold a space for healing and deliverance, that the sonic tapestry it weaves and offers is a balm for the sweet, achey parts of the inner realm that sometimes need a kind word or a gentle touch to loosen the strings that bind us to old ways no longer helpful, no longer needed as we spiral back to Infinity.

I love you, Big World, and everyone in it. Thanks for being my friend and companion. Let this day be one of candor, love and kindness. The rest we’ll sort out along the way…

Oh, and ordering info: get it here or any other place you like downloading music: iTunes, Amazon, Tidal, Mantralogy and beyond. Enjoy!