Working It

Saturday night 10 p.m.

A focused day of exploring a second network of furniture , smalls and architectural pieces, then regrouping to sift through and refine yesterday’s sprawling collection of almost 100 pieces: benches, cabinets, temples, funky little vintage wooden Japanese noisemakers (?), Ganga-Yamuna ritual water pots, small stone archways and insets, ceramic candle holders, a killer collection of vintage sandalwood combs (wider and thinner spaced teeth on either side)…

Tomorrow is my day to finish up all my work here in Jodhpur, before hopping a ride either back to Jaipur or onwards to Nathdwara. Rest I hope is coming soon, as I barely slept a handful of fitfull hours sleep last night; I was tuckered by noon.

Theme of the photo day: architectural elements. I bought the piece that you see here with Gopal ji (in center) and 2 others standing in it.