10:10 p.m. Friday the 13th

Color me wowed. Spent the better part of a 10-hour day marauding through aisle after aisle of new, reproduction and antique furniture and odds and ends with my new best friend Gopal ji, rocking through several warehouses just jammed to the pigeon-dwelling rafters with large and small old cabinets, temples, architectural pillars and panels, old Bollywood posters, gazillions of framed devotional lithographs (be still, my beating heart!), old cigarette tins and various Raj-pop bric-a-brac—total overstim. Outrageous!

I do it all again tomorrow, with another family. Now all I have to do is create some additional buying budget so I can stuff more of a container than I otherwise would be dreaming of…

Need one o’ these?

Part of the repair department